Where is the world's garbage

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A remote town in Shandong, China. The skinny boy, using the discarded syringe as a "water gun", enjoyed playing in the smelly garbage dump: "There's water!" There's water!" As he spoke, he put the needle into his mouth. A group of pupils who didn't go to school dug up some dirty plastic gloves that they didn't know what they had done. They blew gloves into balloons and had a good day. Waxy-faced mother, feeding by the garbage dump. The baby's face was covered with flies. The little girl washed her hair in dirty water beside the sewage pool. The craftsman never thought that my countryman should live such a life. Like a craftsman who grew up in a city, he never thought: Where did all our garbage go? In 2010, director Wang Jiuliang once used a film "Garbage Besieged City" to show us around Beijing. In 2016, Wang Jiuliang returned to the public with a film "Plastic Kingdom" to tell us the direction of the world's garbage. A garbage collection station in California, USA, has tons of garbage piled up in mountains. The appalling situation of garbage pollution. It's full of garbage from all over the world. Workers on the assembly line are skilled in sorting garbage. Except for some easily decomposed, a large number of hard-to-decompose plastic garbage, they are packaged and sent to a place. Yes, China. "Why is it going to China?" "Because the Chinese market is so good." Chinese buyers are willing to pay twice the price of others. This town is just one of many garbage collection stations in China. The air smells suffocating and garbage occupies most of the land. "Mountains, mountains, waters, waters are bad. Say something ugly, only money is good." There are even many people who have become millionaires through the "plastic business"