Brand becomes the focal point of management

2018-06-19 11:27:53 admin 3

China entered the production of outdoor leisure furniture and articles in the early 1990s. After more than 20 years of development, the total production and trade of outdoor leisure furniture and articles in our country has begun to take shape. However, the investment in brand construction of enterprises in the industry is seriously insufficient, the brand design ability is weak, the lack of popular national brands, and Italy, Germany and other foreign high-end brands still have a big gap.

At present, our country outdoor leisure furniture and articles industry participants are numerous, the industry concentration degree is low, along with the outdoor leisure furniture and the article industry development unceasingly, the industry concentration degree will gradually increase, the superiority brand will occupy the market dominant position.

In the future, brand will become one of the important factors to attract consumers in outdoor leisure furniture and articles industry, so brand management is the core of enterprise management in the industry. Strengthening the independent brand management and brand construction, forming clear brand positioning and brand connotation,in order to enhance product competitiveness and brand added value, and become an important trend in the future development of outdoor leisure furniture and supplies industry.