High density wood

2018-07-16 17:43:03 admin 1

The fashionable outdoor leisure chair bar with high density plastic wood, is a new type of environmental protection products. The chair body of this kind of seat is extremely easy to corrode. Packaging analysis: simple packing wooden seats are embalmed wood, no matter what the wind and rain will not usually have any major deformation and damage. Plastic bags or bubble paper. Mounting; fixed with expansion screws. The current common seats are steel and wooden seats. Steel seats are easy to rust and get worse when they are exposed to the wind and sun. Small or large ones usually last for half a year or the first quarter. And even if the wood is not sturdy and the chair is of solid wood, its seat and the back of the chair are of steel, the curve radians are different, this kind of steel-wood back seat. Do not continue to accept rain and exposure to the sun.