Garbage bins species

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Garbage bins  species

     Garbage bins are places where garbage is placed. Most of the trash cans are made of metal or plastic. When used, they are put into plastic bags. When there is more garbage, they can be tied up and discarded. Most trash cans are covered to prevent the smell of garbage. The trash can can be opened by the foot. The trash can is a container for people to hide dirt and dirt in life. It is also a reflection of social culture. Then let me introduce the role of the trash can:
First,  the public type: has special requirements for the environment, can withstand high and low temperature under outdoor natural conditions, has sufficient mechanical strength and good impact toughness, easy to clean and can be integrated with the environment.

Second, the family type: mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen, kitchen and bathroom is best to use a tightly sealed trash can with lid, even if you use the open trash can with plastic bag inside, you must also put the bag mouth Tight, and the garbage is best to fall every day, especially the garbage and toilet garbage, can not stay in the trash can not fall overnight, so as to prevent the emission of mold and odor.

Third, medical type: used to store a variety of solid tangibles and liquids discarded after clinical use, in the clinical laboratory of patients with blood, body fluids and secretions, etc., there are a small number of recyclable items, medical waste should be Measures for the treatment of the Regulations on the Management of Medical Waste and the Measures for the Administration of Medical Wastes in Medical and Health Institutions.