Trash bin is important for public area

2019-07-18 15:22:26 admin 0

Outdoor furniture plays an important role in city cleaning, but how to choose the trash can in public places? Here we will explain how to choose the trash can for Hefei plastic trash can manufacturers.For environmental trash cans in public places, outdoor furniture should pay attention to some matters when it is purchased. Otherwise, it may be found that it does not match the surrounding environment, or it is very troublesome to use, and outdoor flower boxes. Therefore, the design strives to be concise and generous, coordinated with the environment, while paying attention to the durability of material selection. Environmental trash cans are mostly placed in public environment and open-air places. Food and other garbage need to be placed to deteriorate and stink after being exposed to the sun and rain. Sewage will flow out and fly and mosquito will be attracted, which will affect the environment.

It's easy to put garbage in. Every day, cleaners clean the environment-friendly garbage cans many times. Outdoor furniture, therefore, the design of environmental garbage cans in public places should be convenient for cleaners to clean up garbage and avoid dead corners in the garbage cans. Rain proof and sun protection. The shape of public environmental protection garbage can includes shape, color, material and so on, which must be considered when coordinating with the overall environment. Let people use conveniently in public environment, which is one of the design requirements for environmental protection garbage cans in public places. Outdoor furniture for convenience to throw garbage, the open direction of garbage cans is generally upward, lateral and oblique; garbage can be easily removed. As far as the main function of garbage bin is concerned, environmental garbage bin is not an ornament of landscape, but an accessory of people.