How to choose the material of garden landscape and city road landscape flower box?

2019-07-19 14:34:01 admin 0

In order to create a better environment, beautiful and generous flower boxes have become indispensable furniture for urban roads. As an important equipment in public places, the task of flower boxes is not light, accompanied by many problems. First of all, the material problem. In order to produce flower boxes suitable for urban roads, manufacturers have made great efforts in every aspect. Material selection, shape design, ruggedness and anti-corrosion need to be considered. At present, the most common thing we see is plastic wood flower boxes, which are made of recycled plastic, together with wood flour (or plant knuckles such as wheat straw) and other auxiliary materials. The application of plastic wood reduces the use of wood, but it is not strong enough in the aspect of firmness and anti-corrosion performance. Sometimes we can see the phenomena of paint dropping, damage and loose shelf in the flower boxes of landscape sketches on the streets. These problems can be solved by replacing new flower boxes, but if it is some large flowers at high altitudes. Box, there is danger, how to say it is used in public facilities. In view of these problems, some metal building materials manufacturers consider using metal as flower boxes, which improves the firmness and safety factor, but discounts the aesthetic aspect. For these problems, flower boxes give a good solution. The material they produce landscape sketch flower boxes is wood-grain aluminium. Alloy profiles, wood grain is the application of German transfer printing technology, with a very realistic wood-like effect, aluminum alloy profiles are original strong and corrosion resistance is very high, coupled with transfer printing wood grain coating, strength and corrosion resistance are improved.Another problem is that it is better than wood. It is everyone's responsibility to protect forest resources and the environment. That is, flower boxes in the street will always be misunderstood as garbage cans, clearly less than 10 steps will have garbage cans, but someone will throw garbage into the flower boxes. This is the most cruel thing to the flower box. It is clearly responsible for beautifying the public environment, but it has become an ugly place. Because of its anti-corrosion and weatherproof properties, wood-grain aluminium profiles are widely used in indoor and outdoor, landscape decoration, landscape galleries, courtyards, road boxes, and antique patterns on exterior facades. They are superior to wood, protect forests and protect our beautiful homeland.