Landscape flower box

2019-07-19 16:10:28 admin 0

Landscape flower box is a container for planting plants and trees. It is often used in streets, communities, parks and large amusement parks. Street greening has been done well. It not only beautifies the street scenery, but also purifies the air, reduces noise, reduces dust, improves microclimate, prevents wind and fires, protects road surface, organizes urban traffic and maintains traffic. At the same time, it also has certain economic and social benefits. As a new garden landscape material, outdoor landscape flower box is deeply loved by various large residential areas, villa gardens, gardens, squares, leisure resorts, star hotels, and is an indispensable ornament for urban construction. Urban road greening is an important part of urban green space system and one of the important symbols of urban civilization. At the same time, as a container for planting flowers and trees, landscape flower boxes are often used in streets, communities, parks, large amusement parks and on both sides of roads. It not only protects plants and trees, but also plays a decorative role. Besides the practical use of the flower box, it is also an indispensable ornament in urban landscape construction.