Be a Pioneer of Environmental-Protection

2019-07-25 13:39:28 admin 0

Be a Pioneer of Environmental-Protection

In this ever-changing world, everything have made a huge progress, Hi-tech and AI of mankind reach unprecedented era. But under these impact, we, human being, also posed a colassal menace such as Destruction of Ecological Balance, Extinction of Wild Animals and Water resources shortage. So facing the juncture of this generation, we must be pay as much as attention we can to work out these kinds of environmental issues if we want to last human civilization and bring more organic and recyclable human civilization for our descendants!

At this turn of generation, We must use a series of measures to deal with these demanding issues, for instance:

1:Garbage classification

2:Resource Recovery

3:New Energy Technology

4:Decrease Land Desertification 

5:more Enforcement by Government

6:expand Environmental Genaral Education

Above suggestion is objective measures need to realized by Public, but as for ourselves must be devote our own parts to these issues as well, We can do such as reduce Water Consumption, use Anti-disposable products and Afforestation, Do not litter or arbitrarily put garbage into the river, and the like. We must believed if we still in this adamant way can we reach a better life someday!and this day will coming soon with this endeavor!