Environmental protection

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Environmental Protection and Sustained Development

Look among the far-flung history of Mankind, who inhabiting the planet, and also keep ongoing development, deduced from it may exists indispensable relationship among the Human-being, Environment(contains Resources) and Development, and the three realtions not only exists together, but also interacts with each other, which possess a pros effect and cons effect as well.

To some demonstrations, the analyze of complex relationships can regards Environment, Human-being and Development as initiatives as following:

Environment and Resouces provides variety of foundamental elements, furthermore, the Environment also provides the foundamental elements for Development of Industry, Agriculture and Urban Construction, such as Oxygen, Water, Soil, Mineral products, forests, and ETC, this is the positive side of Human-being and Development, which given by Environment and Resources; while the possitive effects just like some natural hazards such as Earth quake, Flood, Landslide, Tsunami and ETC, always brought about.

For defend the threatens and hazrads the more improve the survive standard of ourselves, Mankind must be permanently leak their potential as much as possible, through a series of active functions such as work hard and design for creation, it promotes the development of Industry, Agriculture, and Urban construction, which make a rapid urban appearance. but there are some restrictions of knowledges ability, and some technical errors of project, thus the Industry, Agriculture and Urban construction will got some bad influence caused by these. As Mankind's activities properly accord with natural disciplines, this make Environment and Resouces get a tremendous progress, while at some zone of Dense-population and High-frequency activity, it can often observed some negative impact on damage and destroy of Environment and Resources.