green bin

2019-08-02 16:32:50 admin 0

Not just in India but Worldwide the most common colors used for Garbage Bins / Trash Bins / Dust Bins are - Green and Blue.

These different colors are used to make it easier to segregate the trash from Bio-degradable to Non-biodegradable.

It is very important for the general public to know what does these colors mean and why is it important to throw the trash in the correct color bin.

Separating Biodegradable trash from the Non biodegradable trash is very important and if not done at the beginning (when you are throwing the trash in the bins) it is a very long and expensive process. This process while taking time also results in the production of harmful gases by the biodegradable trash.

If we know which trash to throw in what color bin, not just we are helping the concerned departments with saving time but also helping them to save the necessary resources and money.

To make it easier to remember just keep in mind that Green color is related to living beings such as plants and trees. Thus it means that we have to throw the ‘Wet’ trash in the Green color bins and the remaining in the Blue Color bins as shown in the picture below: