Science and Technology Change Life

2019-08-09 15:31:11 admin 0

People are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones and the Internet. Many smartphone batteries last for less than a day. On the way out to work, the mobile phone has no electricity and can not find a place to recharge, which is really worrying. If it delays things, it is even more worrying. Recently, a smart garbage can charge mobile phones has appeared on the streets of Taiyuan. People have praised it. They feel that technological innovation has brought convenience to people's lives.

In addition to garbage collection, the biggest bright spot of this smart trash bin is that through the solar panel storage function on the top, it can charge the mobile phone on several USB interfaces attached to the barrel. In the future, it will also have WiFi function, which can provide free internet access for citizens. Intelligent garbage can charging is completely free, convenient and environmentally friendly. Small smart trash can subverts people's traditional thinking habits, which is the charm and value of innovation. Netizen "Maotai 520" posted a message in Baidu bar: "When waiting for the bus, it happened to find that it can be charged on the smart garbage can, immediately feel stable happiness."

Innovation and development should aim at benefiting mankind and fully embody people-oriented creation and design. Intelligent garbage can is also full of human feelings. The inner liner of the trash can be pulled out flat, saving time and effort for sanitation workers to clean up the trash in the trash can. The most important thing is that there are seats on the top of the barrel, which provides convenience for people to have a short rest.

As a new thing, there must be something to be improved and perfected, such as whether the seat on the top of the barrel can ensure hygiene. However, we should have an inclusive and supportive attitude towards the smart trash can to help it improve.