You can see the green hills and smell the flowers.

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Qinghai News Network. Qinghai News Client News August Xining, from streets to gardens, from riverside to the north and South mountains, not only can see the mountains, but also can smell the fragrance of flowers. This year, around the theme of "Happy Xining Garden City", all districts and parks in the city have completed the greening tasks of 7 Park plazas, 17 street green spaces, 14 roads and 29 old buildings and courtyards, creating 70 potted flower scenic spots, 11 flower blocks and 8 three-dimensional flower walls. Nearly 20,000 species of Color-leafed trees, such as Ulmus pumila, Prunus purpurpurea, Prunus pumila, Acer multifoliata, are planted in urban entrances and exits, Park Plaza and street greenbelt. The embryonic form of "Garden City" is emerging. This year, the four districts of Xining have made concerted efforts to seize the opportunity to vigorously promote greening and colorization. In the eastern part of the city, large-scale three-dimensional flower boxes are added to the railway station square to match various kinds of flowers, create potted flower scenic spots with distinct themes, plant a large number of Color-leafed flowering plants, such as Ulmus aureus and Malus thunbergii. At the same time, color-leafed plants such as Ulmus aureus and Begonia crabapple are added to the Northern road of Jianguo, and plastic plants and flowers are added to the central branch and turning points. Make color roads. In the central plaza, Huangguang Cross, provincial Party committee entrance and other green areas, Pinus tabulaeformis, spherical plants, perennial flowers are added, matched with landscape stones, to create high-quality street green space, while in the middle of Yangtze Road, planting rich roses, creating a flower street. In the western part of the city, color-leafed trees such as Ulmus pumila, Rosa vinifera, American red maple and Ginkgo biloba were introduced. They were widely planted in parks, road squares and street greenbelts to create colorful landscapes. Meanwhile, in the renovation of old buildings and courtyards such as Huang'an Lane, the area of greenbelts was increased according to local conditions, trees, shrubs, flowers and grass were planted, and leisure was set up. Pavilion, the old community looks new. In the south-west corner of the People's Square and the bare ground under the big trees of Chaoyang West Road, micro-topographic treatment is carried out in the northern part of the city. Pinus tabulaeformis and lawn are planted with stone laying to improve the landscape effect of the square road, and Ulmus pumila is planted at the entrance of Chaoyang Park to create fine green space with various flowers. The parks have also taken active action to beautify and colorize. Dongchuan Industrial Park planted Acer rubra, Prunus arundinacea, Ulmus pumila and other plants at the entrance of Yanggouwan Expressway and Minhe Road Small Tour Garden, creating a clear-cut and seasonally rich urban entrance and exit color landscape, and planting Lily in the forest belt of Kunlun East Road to create a flower road. Liujiagou, Langwogou and other five high-quality park park construction projects have been launched in the Biological Park. High-standard planning and design have been carried out. The east side fence of Haihu Avenue has been used to plant climbing plants such as mountain tigers and ivy to build a three-dimensional flower wall. In Nanchuan Industrial Park, more than 500 sets of flower boxes were added to Pioneer Road and Linhe Road to plant seasonal flowers and create a flower avenue. Ganhe Industrial Park afforests the slopes in front of the dry barren hills of Longshi to construct the ecological green background of the park. Haihu New Area has comprehensively upgraded and renovated the roads in the West and North areas, planted American red maple, ginkgo and other color-leafed trees in the green space with poor landscape effect, equipped with convenient service facilities such as seats, and built a "pocket park" at the residents'doorway.