Call for daily "nursing" to exert its function and eliminate harm

2019-08-13 16:49:35 admin 0

Public facilities are an integral part of urban infrastructure and a concentrated reflection of the degree of civilization, level of development and comprehensive functions of a city. In recent years, with the economic development of our region and the continuous improvement of its comprehensive strength, the government's investment in the construction of urban public facilities has been increasing, and the city has become more and more beautiful. However, due to the lack of daily management and maintenance, damage to public facilities has become an urgent urban "stubborn disease".

On May 5, a reporter interviewed Jiuqi Park and found that due to the lack of daily management and maintenance, there were not a few damaged lights in the park. In a few cases, one lamp on a lamp pole was broken, and it was hanging upside down and swaying in the wind only by electric wires; in other words, three of the ten lamp poles were damaged, and they were faltering. It not only affects the appearance of the city, but also brings potential safety hazards to the citizens.

And a lamp pole on the edge of the central square of 97 Park is covered with power lines. The power line connection terminal is a distribution box, its position is less than one meter from the ground, which is both illegal and dangerous. The loosening and displacement of the margin stone at the exit of the square is serious, which buries hidden dangers for the public outdoor sports.

Urban public facilities are closely related to every citizen. These public facilities not only provide convenience for citizens, but also beautify the urban environment, reflect the connotation of a city, and reflect the degree of civilization of a city. When public facilities are destroyed, every citizen should exercise his or her duty to stop damage to public facilities, in addition to increasing propaganda for public goods by the media. The supervision departments of public facilities should also strengthen supervision. All industries and departments should work together to punish the intentional destroyers, maintain the damaged public facilities in time, and let the urban public facilities play a role in serving the people.