The direction of the world's garbage is China.

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A remote town in Shandong Province, China, is filled with garbage from all over the world: American tires, German food packaging, French cans, British ointment, blood-stained needles, untreated medical rubber, confusing what it is, poor girls with a variety of plastic products leave early. Learn to join the garbage sorting team. When she was young, she would use the smell of ignition to distinguish simple plastics: which could sell money, which could not be taken for granted, and what she did not know. She picked up a bag of white powder and did not know what it was. Wang Jiuliang urgently told her not to touch it with her hands: it was a bag of half-sucked drugs, no one wore masks, no one wore protective clothes, the only thing that looked safe was a pair of gloves. "Most afraid of hand scratches, these poisonous big." Old people, young people, children.... Everyone here, hate garbage, but look forward to more garbage, the original price of 4000 yuan / ton of plastic garbage, after processing and processing into plastic particles, can sell 8000 yuan / ton of price. If only crops are planted, the annual income will only be 4,000-5,000 yuan. But picking up garbage is different. The more you do, the more you earn. A catty of garbage can earn a dime, and many residents in the town earn at least 2,000 yuan a month. Businessmen standing at the top of the garbage disposal chain can more depend on exploiting villagers to earn 2 million yuan a year. According to the survey, China's imports from the United States totaled 124 billion US dollars, of which 11.1% came from garbage imports. However, the United States is only one of the sources of garbage imports from China. According to a report issued by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the world's electronic industry will generate 50 million tons of electronic waste in 2017, 72% of which will enter China. And most of them will go into small towns and become the only source of livelihood for villagers. It turns out that China is not only the world's factory, but also the world's garbage dump. Nobody is safe in front of garbage. For people who deal with garbage, it's like rubbing shoulders with death every day. For people far away, garbage also threatens our lives through various chains, such as the food chain.