He was the "originator of garbage sorting" who was forced to wander and now earns up to 100,000 yuan a month.

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Today is the third day of the implementation of garbage sorting. I wonder if my friend in Shanghai was dumb when asked by the sorting aunt, "What kind of garbage are you?" According to the newsletter sent by Shanghai netizens, although garbage classification came suddenly, its effect and popularity are optimistic. Of course, some netizens do not know exactly how to classify garbage. Some netizens also take pig as the basis of judging garbage classification: pigs can eat wet garbage, pigs do not eat dry garbage, pigs eat dead food is harmful, and can sell money to buy pigs is recyclable garbage. It seems to make some sense. Shanghai has set up a special garbage sorting Department called: Shanghai Municipal Waste Management Office. They launched an official micro-signal "Where is the garbage?" to teach Shanghai citizens how to do a good job of garbage sorting: this micro-signal published article "If garbage people have a group..." 》 It exploded the circle of friends: visible netizens are still very concerned about garbage classification, if you do not do garbage classification, you will face a fine of up to 200 yuan. Looking at this situation, garbage sorting has become one of the four major survival skills in the 21st century alongside driving, English and computers. It is not easy to classify garbage. In addition to the four categories of hazardous garbage, recyclable garbage, wet garbage and dry garbage, 162 kinds of garbage can be subdivided. Fortunately, where there is demand, there are business opportunities, and the anxiety of "garbage classification" extends to many business projects around garbage classification, such as App, applets, O2 O, home service, takeout... Various models emerge in endlessly, and "garbage entrepreneurship" is rising. Even China's largest venture capital media, 36kr, has launched a special topic: "Why garbage entrepreneurship" is difficult to become a fashion outlet? Most people agree with the mandatory implementation of garbage classification. They think it is a milestone to catch up with developed countries - relative to economic development, we pay more and more attention to sustainable development. Garbage classification is a major action to protect the environment. Compulsory garbage classification is just like the former compulsory plastic bag charge, which benefits the country and the people. In other words, it can better protect our Mother Earth, the land under our feet, as well as water and air. And garbage sorting also has many advantages, such as helping you find 18 pieces of gold jewelry in minutes. When it comes to garbage sorting, a "net red" once popular on the Internet but forgotten today has to be mentioned. That is "wandering master", whose story is not only about wandering, but also about Chinese folk people.“ Waste classification originator.