Propaganda and Education of Waste Classification

2019-08-16 08:58:02 admin 0

Want to litter? Publicity and education come first!

Shanghai is just the beginning. By the end of 2020, 46 cities in China will join in the compulsory classification of garbage. In fact, some countries have done quite well in sorting garbage long ago, such as our neighbor Japan. Japan's garbage classification campaign began in 1980. Over the years, Japan has become the world's most rigorous garbage classification and promotion of the largest scope of the country, because of its small territory, they have taught their children to protect their living environment from childhood, if they move to new places, they will be issued a special one. This detailed guide to garbage sorting and disposal, the most extreme of which is to wash and throw out the finished Coke bottles.

For the Japanese garbage sorting practices, even CCTV has to specially record programs to boast: there is no garbage in the streets of Japan, and there are few garbage cans. Japanese people will take garbage bags when they go out, take garbage home and sort it out and throw it away. Believe this news, it is said that Japanese audiences will watch the team games, and then they will take garbage bage bags with them when they go out. Take away the garbage: The Japanese are also called "the most garbage-picking nation" by the world media. Perhaps, as Shen Wei said, garbage classification is a matter of concept. Japan's natural resources are scarce, environmental protection has been recognized by people, garbage classification has become a concept, coupled with rigorous and serious national character and the country's compulsory environmental protection policy, garbage classification has become a reality. Ideas can determine a person's habits. I think old cartons are exchanged by cutting down trees and can be recycled, so I won't throw them away at random; I know that old batteries will pollute the land, so I won't throw them together with other landfill rubbish. The idea is formed, the brain will control the body to make a series of actions, and the blue sky and white clouds will follow. 。 Actually, promoting waste classification is just the tip of the iceberg for environmentalists. Over the years, people who really care about environmental protection have been doing things in silence, forcing plastic bag charges, banning smoking in public places, creating sanitary cities, and cleaning aunts wearing working clothes on the streets and alleys are all making the world a better place. The director saw a news a few days ago: "Shopkeeper's surprise for environmental protection: Primary school students can pick up cigarette butts for ice cream!" More than 50,000 cigarettes have been picked up in two years": The shopkeeper calls on pupils to exchange cigarette butts for ice cream. No cigarette butts can be seen around the school. The students have gained happiness and the environment has become better. When we complain about the bad world and the bad environment, we should think about what we can do ourselves. Change begins with everyone. In today's compulsory implementation of garbage classification in Shanghai, Shen Wei's advanced consciousness and behavior are very valuable. And when garbage classification becomes a reality, more people, even everyone, will continue to work hard.