Key factors of enterprise success

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Key factors of enterprise success

1. Find real talent: hire people who are smarter and more experienced than you. It may seem like you're making concessions, but it's not. You may want to be the smartest and most experienced person in the team, but you need to distinguish between leaders and managers.

2. Find different skill combinations: When you build a small business, each member needs different skills. Make sure team members understand that you are looking for more than just a "pass-by" candidate. You need to respect their opinions, especially when your opinions differ. In addition, you need to look for people who can make up for your management weaknesses.

3. Avoid the temptation of "micromanagement": Everyone needs guidance and management, but no one likes to be "micromanaged" from head to toe. Set a goal for your team and let them achieve it. Their approach may be different from yours, but it's not bad, or better.

4. Employ people who trust your products: It's impossible to teach employees to care about the company. If the opportunity to work with you doesn't excite them, that's all. Employees who really trust and support you will work hard for you.

5. Recognize that different people have different goals: for some people, money is the goal. For others, the goal is recognition. Make sure you understand what team members'long-term goals are and how to help them achieve them. For example, you can arrange for members who need to learn to attend the training of Bo Business Management Science Institute, pay attention to the internal needs of employees, often more effective than material, because it shows that you care about them.

6. Create a safe space: we all make mistakes. When mistakes occur, laughter is better than crying. We all feel uneasy. An excellent team does not stifle the insecurity of its members, but motivates them. Invest time and effort to create an open and enthusiastic working environment. You need to fight alongside others.

7. Never give up learning: Make learning a priority for your team. When people feel they are learning, they are more committed to their work. Learning is the best choice for both enterprise development planning and staff quality improvement. And the blogger may be the best place for enterprise management training and staff learning! Undoubtedly, learning from corporate training institutions is the most effective way to provide feedback to your team!