Arlau responds positively to garbage sorting

2019-08-21 14:57:13 admin 28

Recently, the Shanghai City appearance Environmental quality Monitoring Center and a group of 4 people went to Datong, Shanxi Province, urban and rural environmental sanitation facilities display and exchange meeting, to the intelligent garbage classification system focus. 

       The intelligent garbage classification system consists of three hardware devices: the intelligent dispenser of garbage bag, the intelligent classifier of garbage, and the intelligent recyclable garbage delivery container. The intelligent operation is realized from the collection of garbage bags to the delivery of garbage. Residents use their mobile phones to scan QR codes or swipe smart QR cards to dump garbage. In addition, the intelligent garbage bin uses a better sealing design to eliminate the smell of the waste exposed. 

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     The application of intelligent garbage system is the innovation and progress of garbage collection, and it is to enhance the public's awareness of garbage classification. In order to protect the ecological environment, Arlau has been working on the research and production of classified trash bins and other public facilities. The main categories of garbage bins of Arlau are metal trash bins, solid wood trash bins, indoor trash bins, advertising trash bins, etc. Stainless steel trash bin and so on, with good quality and after-sales service won the trust of customers at home and abroad, exported to Italy and Europe and the United States, so far has more than 10 years of production and export experience, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and pollution-free world famous. It is a good choice to protect the environment. 

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