How to choose the material of park bench

2018-05-30 11:36:08 admin 6

Do you have any such trouble , just used two years of chairs to break down the mess , to buy again the trouble and spend money , then what material can be used for a long time ?

You can consider dense wood as a chair strip, such as camphor, pine, teak, plastic, etc. The origin of these wood is tropical rain forest, because these areas are rainy all year round and have plenty of sunshine. Therefore, its density is much higher than the general wood, and this kind of wood is imported wood, after the origin felling must pass through the strict disinfection, the insecticidal sterilization, the drying and so on a series of examples processing craft to be able to declare the customs to enter our country. Economic wood is the most common material of chair strip, although it is also treated with anticorrosion, its density is small, so its service life is 2-5 years, and the service life of high density wood can reach more than 8 years.

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