The characteristics of selling outdoor furniture through traditional way

2018-06-04 13:38:10 admin 3

Objectively speaking, the traditional household channel is dependent on the development of commercial real estate, and does not have its own independence. Therefore, to really understand the traditional household channels, we must understand the impact of commercial real estate development.

Not according to the needs of the market to determine the size of home shopping malls, nor according to the needs of the market to determine the number of brands, relying on commercial real estate and the development of traditional home channels, with the following three distinct anti-market characteristics:

First, the market is saturated, the total area of the market is far larger than the market needs; second, the channel brand dispersion, low concentration; third, the number of brands the market needs far more than the market needs a reasonable upper limit

ARLAU, based on the lack of traditional sales, launched online sales model to meet people's needs more, people can do online shopping for their favorite garden chairs, trash cans, flower shelves and other outdoor furniture