Outdoor garbage bin

2018-06-26 17:25:56 admin 5

Outdoor trash bins of this kind include steel plates, baking paint and stainless steel. Metal outdoor trash bins have high durability and can be recycled after being damaged. Therefore, they are also called eco-friendly trash bins, because steel is more prone to rust. So before the garbage can is processed, it will be removed from oil and rust, and then bake lacquer to enhance the durability of the trash can for outdoor use. Third, there are several kinds of wooden outdoor trash bin, such as pure wood, wood strip, steel wood, anticorrosive wood, etc. The advantage of wood outdoor trash bin is that the texture is good and the environment is easy to coordinate. Fourth, the environmental trash bin includes any garbage can that can be recycled or has no pollution to the environment. In a narrow sense, the environmental protection bin refers to the pulp trash bin, cement bin, colorful trash bin and fiberglass peel bucket.