Flower planter replacement

2018-06-29 11:32:00 admin 4

Hand saws, pliers, planks, hammers, air guns, hand drills, sandpaper, oil brushes and other small tools are now the great magic in the hands of gardeners. Recently, garden workers have turned into "skillful carpenters." The original wooden structure flower box of Yingbin Road is recycled and reused, the old flower box is replaced with new appearance, and the rebirth is realized. The flower box is widely used in urban greening with its advantages of movable, low cost, saving space, flexible arrangement and so on. It improves the overall effect of seedling greening, and plays an important role in greening and decorating urban landscaping. The flower boxes in our city are all placed in the open air, after a long period of wind blowing, sun, rain, plus vehicle collision and man-made destruction. All of them are aged and damaged to varying degrees, which not only affect the landscape effect and the appearance of the city, but also are not conducive to the normal growth of plants in the flower box. After finishing and painting, the authors replanted peacock grass, petunia, a bunch of red flowers and placed them in people's Square and Shengxi Lake Forest Park.