Intelligent garbage bin appears in Shanghai

2018-07-02 13:41:50 admin 4

Shanghai has set up the first "eight categories" intelligent garbage bin access control system. The system integrates many functions such as identity identification, information screen, port scanning, surveillance camera, mobile network and so on, which can carry multiple tasks. In March of this year, it was clearly stated that according to the actual situation of residential areas, the collection containers should be set up scientifically and reasonably, and the collection containers should meet the needs of the four types of garbage. At present, in many garbage classification areas in Shanghai, the garbage can houses are being transformed in accordance with the requirements of the "Plan". Some of the communities have begun to try out intelligent garbage can houses. The reporter saw this in the village of Pule er village. Eight categories of intelligent garbage bin house access control system through monitoring devices, real-time monitoring of garbage delivery site, effectively identify the accuracy of garbage classification, guide residents to achieve the correct classification, improve the efficiency of management.