intelligent trash bin

2018-07-02 13:43:40 admin 8

Intelligent garbage can be scanned with infrared ports that can support green account card identification, and are more responsive, avoiding problems such as poor network, dark light, slow focus and other problems that may have been encountered in the original mobile phone scan. But in the Jiangjiaqiao community in Hongkou district, A set of intelligent delivery equipment with low value and recyclable material was added on the basis of the original dry and wet classification through the transformation of the garbage bin at the point of wet waste. The equipment has its own weighing system, and residents can automatically integrate different garbage into different boxes by swiping cards, buttons, automatically opening boxes, and putting different wastes into different boxes, and according to the weight of different garbage dropped by residents, it can be automatically integrated. In addition, in addition to the ability to carry out big data analysis on the behavior of residents in the backstage data system, the garbage can also be filled with overflow alarm functions, which can remind sanitation workers to clear and transport in time. The use of intelligent equipment, By changing residents' garbage dumping habits, the garbage can gradually develop from dependence on the duty of cleaning workers and volunteers to the development of self-help and technology, so that garbage classification can be filled with a sense of science and technology and a sense of wisdom. At the same time, it also helps to improve the civilized behavior of the residents. At present, these intelligent garbage can rooms are still in the trial stage