Anti-corrosion wood

2018-07-11 17:49:48 admin 3

Today's home decoration is widely used in wood materials, in which anti-corrosion wood is common, many people have some questions in the use of some, most of which are asked by consumers is the service life of anticorrosive wood. Not the same, it is worth affirming good anti-corrosion, in fact, it can not decay for 100 years. If consumers buy inferior materials or low price materials, they do not guarantee the degree of anti-corruption. When consumers buy anti-corruption materials, they want to buy it according to their own environment. If you buy the ordinary home, you can't get too much contact. If you have a wet environment, you can buy general anti - decay wood. If you use it in a wet environment, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and so on for a long time, high quality anti - decay wood will be needed to ensure its service life.