Camphor wood bench

2018-07-20 15:52:49 admin 3

Camphor wood, the whole plant with aroma. Cinnamomum camphora is divided into large leaf camphor, small leaf camphor. Cinnamomum camphora, also known as Cinnamomum camphora, is an evergreen tree, distributed only in the south and southwest of the Yangtze River. The whole tree has aroma, dense wood, fine texture, fine pattern. Tough and soft, not easy to break, and not easy to crack. Camphor wood is one of the rare tree species in China. It usually takes more than 20 years to become wood and is a rare and superior wood. Cinnamomum camphora is one of the sources of high quality perfume because of its rich volatile oil and strong special aroma. Cinnamomum camphora furniture and ornaments placed in the room, give off a room of faint fragrance, the air is filled with a pleasant smell, make people breathe smoothly, God Qingxin Ning. The camphor chair is more durable and is used as a chair.