Valuable wood furniture

2018-07-25 11:21:17 admin 3

Valuable wood, such as mahogany, Thai oak, American red cherry, teak and so on, are well known for their noble wood, all of which are made of valuable furniture. The pavilion made of these good wood must be good. But the pavilion is in the outdoor, every day need to face the sun and rain, require wood anti-mildew, anticorrosion, anti-bursting ability to be very strong. It is not a high-value gazebo. We should pay more attention to its practicability. We should jump out of the box and choose not the gazebo, but the wood. In fact, there is a lot of wood suitable for the pavilion. Cunninghamia lanceolata and pine are natural insect-resistant, bacterial, and anticorrosive wood. Chinese fir is more known as "wood in the natural preservative wood." It can purify air and improve air quality. Nature, environmental protection, safety, and more suitable for home use.