The material of furniture

2018-08-25 12:05:49 admin 5

High-quality anti-corrosion wood pavilion mostly choose fir wood, clear wood grain. Cunninghamia lanceolata is known as the natural anticorrosive wood in wood. It has the following advantages: a. Natural log aroma, fir contained in the fir can kill bacteria in the air, can inhibit human pathogens, can inhibit all kinds of skin inflammation; B. For the human body to eliminate fatigue, ease the pressure of health care role! More environmentally friendly than paint furniture, and also with a special aroma; C. Cunninghamia lanceolata contains "fir brain" to resist insects and rot. But inferior anticorrosive wood pavilion in order to reduce the cost, often adopt the wood loose miscellaneous wood, after the treatment surface is not able to see what difference, therefore the customer in the selection, must consult the promoter carefully.