The important of material

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The top of the high quality anticorrosive wood pavilion is designed with three layers. The inner layer is a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, and the outer layer is a carbonized wood tile. Generally, glazed tiles are used. The tile grooves have drainage function, and the three layers are not easy to leak. You can rest assured of being outdoors. The lines of the inside lanterns of the pavilions are all covered well before the factory. There are grooves in the four meters-shaped crossbeams on the top of the pavilions and wires in the gourd tops of the pavilions. Step 4: look at the size of the style. The anticorrosive wood pavilion is roughly divided into four corners, six angles, eight corners, two layers, three layers, and so on. It is suggested that consumers should look at the style in advance when buying the pavilion, and select the appropriate style. * lay the foundation. Because the weight of the conventional pavilion is generally more than 400 kg, considering whether the long-term contact force will lead to deformation and subsidence of the ground and make the pavilion uneven, a solid foundation is also essential.