How to choose suitable outdoor furniture

2018-05-29 10:54:27 admin 5

Choosing the right garden furniture is very important, both in style and quantity. Here are some useful tips for buying the right garden furniture.

Quality is the key. 

When selecting new garden furniture, put your hands on the surface to make sure they are smooth. Check that the joint is screwed in and glued. When using metal garden furniture, check for any welding cracks and apply powder coating.

The weather is a factor you can't ignore 

Outdoor furniture must withstand the wind and rain, as well as frequent sunlight. Rain warps wood, corrodes / oxidizes metals, and molds fabrics. On the other hand, the sun can divide wood and fade on plastic or fabric.

Consider different materials

wooden outdoor garden patio bench

· The appearance of natural wood furniture is very attractive. It requires frequent maintenance to maintain its weathering. ARLAU teak park chair. Make sure that each piece of wood is fastened together, durable and of good quality.


wood plastic composite outdoor bench

· Plastic weight is light, structure is reasonable and strong, easy to clean, can be recycled and low price. It won't rust. Arlau plastic garden chair. It has UV-resistant, stable pigments to ensure that these bright colors do not fade too quickly.


metal flat steel outdoor garden bench

· Outdoor furniture made of metal is always a great choice. Iron is a modern material suitable for both contemporary and classical design. The arlau metal garden chair has an ultraviolet resistant powder coating surface because it prevents surface oxidation.