classify trash bin

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In October 2003, the country issued the Classification sign of Municipal solid waste (MSW). According to the national standard, domestic waste is divided into three categories: recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other wastes. Recyclable waste means garbage that is suitable for recycling and resource utilization. It is collected in a blue garbage container. Hazardous waste means waste containing harmful substances, which requires special safe treatment. It is collected in red garbage containers, and other wastes are collected as wastes other than classification. Collect in a gray garbage container.

(1) recyclable material means waste suitable for recycling and resource utilization. It mainly includes 1: 1. Paper 2. Plastic 3. Metal 4. Glass 5. Fabric

(2) non-recyclable waste means refuse other than recyclable waste. Common waste decomposed in natural conditions, such as skin, vegetable leaves, leftovers, flowers, branches, leaves and used tea, etc.

3)toxic substances, such as used batteries, waste fluorescent lamp tubes, mercury thermometers, spent paint, cosmetic boxes, cans and expired drugs, etc.

Classifying trash bins has brought an invisible force to life and environmental protection. According to relevant department statistics, garbage bins have been popularized and used in all cities. ARLAU classified trash bins are known in China for their high performance-to-price ratio and high quality. With the development of the Chinese market, the Chinese market is still exported to other countries.

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