What should be considered in Park Chair Design

2018-05-30 11:35:07 admin 6

Leisure seats should be integrated with the overall planning style of gardens, park chairs and other public chair planning is not the same, it is not an isolated single seat planning, it has become more and more integrated into the overall planning of the environment. It is not only necessary to consider the environmental factors of leisure seats in gardens, but also to insist on the coordination of individual planning and overall planning personality, and also to reflect the function of leisure seats, which is both beautiful and practical.

The park chair should be arranged under the planning of the whole garden, so that the planning personality form of the leisure seat is consistent with the environment, and the personality characteristics of the other pavilions should be taken care of, so the park chair should be used in the raw materials. The appearance style should have both the characteristic and the mutual care, forms a whole scenery. Second, seat layout should also pay attention to people's inner feelings, usually in the active area, the field of vision should be broad, but also to consider the light, wind direction.

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