New design garden bench

2018-05-30 11:47:06 admin 3

In a busy and crowded city, people are always in a hurry, or just looking down at their cell phones-have you ever looked seriously at the city where you live? At the bus stop, platform side, or park in the very ordinary bench, can also be very creative!

The seats in the public environment are a place for designers to use their brains, park seats are always functional and ornamental, and the variety of strange shapes is amazing. It must withstand rain and wind erosion, but also stand up to people's different aesthetic. I don't know how many lonely souls these chairs accompany late at night.

ARLAU not only keeps the high quality of chairs, but also develops new products, produces new ideas, combines creativity with environmental protection, fully embodies the beauty of chair appearance, and pays attention to quality and practicality at the same time.


This round cast iron steel pipe chair is designed in a circular shape, with the middle part around the tree. It is a perfect combination of creativity and practical use for both cool and resting in the shade of the tree.