CPPCC members strongly support the Development of Public facilities Industry

2018-05-31 14:03:53 admin 6

The reporter interviewed Mr. MA, a member of the CPPCC National Committee. He made some suggestions on vigorously supporting the development of intelligent infrastructure public facilities.

Ma ' s introduction to the present , China ' s smart city construction is in full swing , also faces many problems

1,It is suggested that the municipal government and its leaders attach great importance to and take practical measures to support the industry of intelligent infrastructure. From the policy 、

2,it is suggested that the municipal government should organize experts in relevant fields to demonstrate and evaluate the concept of "public facilities" and the whole industry, and to take the lead in formulating the industry standards of "basic public facilities".

3, the city is now building rich , civilized and happy cities . It is recommended that the municipal government accelerate the construction of new smart cities , speed up the construction of a new type of smart city pilot , and carry out promotion , work and construction within the city . At the same time , support and nurture the rapid growth of local infrastructure

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