Maintenance of urban public facilities

2018-05-31 13:36:34 admin 23

Recently, Ya'an local media reported that the city's Yazhou Avenue Sanya Park side of the smart bus booth window was smashed.

The stainless steel frame, which had been used to fix the window of the publicity bar, was also broken. A kiosk at a smart bus stop just outside the station was damaged even more, not only was some of the window windows damaged, the line was broken, and even the plug in the kiosk, which provided people with a mobile phone to charge, disappeared.   

The uncivilized phenomenon of destroying urban public facilities in Ya'an City is not a case. The abominable behavior of a few people completely disregards the public interest, not only brings the inconveniences of life to the citizens, but also seriously damages the image of a city.

Public facilities not only meet the needs of people and perfect the function of the city, but also reflect the spiritual and cultural features of the local city. It is the direct embodiment of showing the strength of the city and promoting the image of the city, and should be loved and treated well by the citizens.

The most common use of public facilities is park chairs. ARLAU Public facilities Corporation produces and exports park chairs. If damage is considered,consider steel tube bench or galvanized steel bench