Advantages of Dip Molding process

2018-05-31 13:50:06 admin 2

1, the coating is good and the bottom is well repaired

2, good adhesion, coating thickness is relatively full, thickness up to 250-600 microns. (sprayed up to 60-80 microns)

3, the coating will not flake and burst, with excellent extension flexibility, more durable than the PVC guardrail.

4, abroad widely used, feel good (good heat dissipation, summer will not be very hot, winter will not be very cold.

5, good weather resistance, up to 15 years or more. (no annual paint protection)

6,Environmental protection, corrosion resistance, acid rain resistance.

7, sandblasting rust removal, the bottom of the impregnated powder adhesion is stronger.

ARLAU impregnation process has been the best in China, has a good quality and reputation, in the export quality and work more strict control, will always be famous for high quality.