Urban Public facilities should be durable

2018-06-01 11:31:18 admin 3

At present, some places pay more attention to the expansion of urban scale, lack of assessment of the safety hidden danger of urban public facilities, and the relative safety guarantee mechanism is not perfect, so that traffic congestion, flood and waterlogging, pipeline explosion, ground collapse, high-rise building fire are also more common in the city, which brings huge hidden dangers to people's life and property.

Under the background of actively and steadily promoting urbanization, the necessity of ensuring the safe operation of urban public facilities is self-evident. Suggestions should be made from the following aspects, improve the relevant safeguard mechanism.

First, improve and optimize urban planning. On the one hand, we should consider whether the layout is reasonable or not, on the other hand, we should also plan for future maintenance, repair and replacement, so as to make the development of the city more orderly, more convenient and safer.

Second, strengthen the operation safety management of urban public facilities. We should focus on the construction of daily comprehensive prevention management system


Third, strict implementation of urban public facilities management lifelong responsibility system.

Fourth, pay attention to raising citizen's public safety consciousness.

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