Urban public service facilities should be coordinated

2018-06-01 13:33:58 admin 4

In the past, the special planning for urban public service facilities was dominated by itemized compilation, and there were problems such as "multi-regulation incoordination" and "imperfect system" among each other. For this reason, early this year, The provincial housing construction department commissioned Hefei Institute of Planning, Design and Research to carry out the work of compiling the guidelines, which formed the guidelines.

According to the guidance of the People ' s Republic of China , the comprehensive plan of the urban public service facilities should be compiled , the core idea of people - oriented , integrated and coordinated , balanced configuration and reform and innovation should be emphasized , so as to meet the basic needs of the people , starting from the " people , the people and the people " as the starting point ,

The products of ARLAU urban public service facilities aiming at improving the sense of happiness and the sense of well-being of the citizens have become an important carrier of the ability of urban sustainable development and become more and more widespread at home and abroad and have been well received by people.