Urban public facilities construction

2018-06-01 13:37:10 admin 22

Urban public transport infrastructure is the basic factor to guarantee the operation of public transportation and serve the economic construction of the society. How it develops affects the service quality and industry image of public transport directly.


 City public facilities should embody the spirit of image. It is necessary to raise the awareness of the city, the industry, the responsibility, and to plan, design, build, manage, develop rapidly and serve the society in accordance with the requirements of the national policy and industry guidance, and the unified planning, design, construction, management, rapid development, and service of the urban public transport infrastructure. Enhance efficiency, improve efficiency, highlight the image spirit of facilities industry.

Not only has the public welfare value, the practical value and the mark function, but also has the new idea. First, be fresh and beautiful, and have a sense of appreciation. Second, dignified atmosphere, with a sense of image. Third, intelligent, practical, someone sexy. Fourth, beautiful fashion, there is a modern sense. Fifth, it is necessary to have local characteristics and classical styles.

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