Target customers for Outdoor Furniture

2018-06-04 14:03:16 admin 20

Outdoor furniture, as the name implies, is outdoor furniture. So at present it is only suitable for hotels, parks and large public places of entertainment, while for individuals, it is villas, big balconies, back gardens and so on. According to the current standard of living, there are many people who can own villas or houses with back gardens.

These groups include senior intellectuals, corporate middle-level and above managers, celebrities and so on. These people are the target customers of outdoor furniture.

These people belong to a relatively rich group, with stable and high income, a prominent social status. And do not like to be concerned about, general occasions do not like to show up, pay attention to high-quality leisure and healthy lifestyle. Marketers should control this part of people's life habits and complete the target market marketing.

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