Increased demand for outdoor furniture

2018-06-13 11:09:16 admin 1

As income increases and consumption levels rise, changes in housing patterns will increase the demand for outdoor furniture and supplies. China's economy continues to grow at a high speed. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the per capita disposable income of residents throughout the country in 2016 was 23821 yuan, an increase of 8.4 percent over the previous year's nominal increase, and a real increase of 6.3 percent after deducting the price factor. The living standard of the people has been further improved

1)The consumption structure is changing from the type of food and clothing to the type of Xiao Kang, the type of affluence is changing, and the living environment of residents is improving day by day, mainly reflected in the increase of per capita housing area as well as the increase of villas, top floor double type, jump type and staggered ratio. People began to have their own outdoor courtyard, open terrace, open terrace. The change of consumption idea and habit, the change of consumption structure and the increase of per capita disposable income make the market capacity of consumer goods expand constantly. The extension of living space will stimulate people to build outdoor space and enjoy outdoor leisure. This gives birth to the demand for outdoor leisure furniture and supplies.