China's cleanest capital city, the streets do not have trash cans, locals keep rubbish in pockets.


The most direct measure of the quality of a country's citizens is the cleanliness of a place. As we all know, Japan is a recognized country with a very high national quality in the world. It is as high-profile as the developed countries in many western countries. In our country, however, there is a very common phenomenon. The higher the degree of civilization in the more developed regions, this means that the degree of civilization in a country or city is based on a highly developed economy and a higher level of general education. In the 40 years of development, many urban areas in China have also been born with relatively high degrees of civilization. Haikou is the cleanest capital city in China.

   Walking in the streets of Haikou, you will find no trash phenomenon, rarely found trash, rarely seen cleaners, even if there is a very leisure. The rubbish that the local people are leaving out is in fact just like Japan, put it in their pockets or take it to a trash bin. In order to realize that the gap is going to catch up, the pace of economic development will tell us how to go. Haikou City, the land area of about 2304 square kilometers, with "national environmental protection model city", "China Outstanding Tourist City", "National Garden City", "National Historic City," "National City environment comprehensive improvement excellent city", " China Charming City 200 "," National Tourism Standardization Model City "honorary title. Haikou City is located in the tropics, showing a diversity of tropical resources, full of natural scenery of the waterfront landscape. Naturally, there are a lot of tourists who travel here, and the quality of people here is quite high. I believe that more and more such civilized cities will emerge instead of being self-defeating.