Do you really use the outdoor fitness equipment in the community?


Today, outdoor fitness equipment has become hot, basic essential residential facilities, park, square, residential outdoor fitness equipment for public fitness, entertainment, leisure provides a great convenience, but the district where the outdoor fitness equipment you really use? If the outdoor fitness equipment is used wrongly, it may cause chronic injury or chronic injury to the body, especially for the elderly in the community. Improper use is more vulnerable to physical injury. First, before using the outdoor fitness equipment, we must first read the "use instructions" on the equipment. In addition, if there are some outdoor fitness equipment that has been damaged and not repaired in your community, and the facilities maintenance team also made reminder and related protective measures, remember not to use them to prevent accidents. Secondly, outdoor fitness equipment is now equipped with the district is mainly for adults, suitable for children to use the less, but nature curious about new things the children love to every kind of outdoor fitness equipment, play in the process, there will be bumps, fall accident. Therefore, children must be used under the care of the parents, or do not use the outdoor fitness equipment in the community, to avoid accidents.