Environmental remediation, cell configuration trash can solve the garbage piled chaos


Zhang Da, the 3 building of Guangming District, came to Guangming Road Office of Guangming community early in the morning: "the garbage bin downstairs is broken a few days ago. These days, the garbage of the residents is stacked on the roadside." Yuan Yongfeng, a community director, immediately went to the building 3 to check with the griders. The new rubbish bin was built for residents in building 3, and the rubbish that was exposed on the ground was cleaned up. Then the whole community was inspected, and the missing and damaged garbage cans were replaced. The new garbage bin "mount guard" has safeguarded the environmental sanitation and cleanliness in the area, and provided solid support for the further improvement of environmental comprehensive work. This measure has been well received by the residents in the area. The residents of the community, Aunt Liu, said, "the residents have difficulties and the community will help." In recent years, thanks to the community, we have done a lot of good things for this old district, and solved many difficulties. The community is the heart of the people. "