Sunbeds with Umbrellas

5years color-fastness rattan material+aluminum frame with coated.
High density foam with standard outdoor fabric cover.
Aluminum pole Φ48*1.5mm,  8pcs Ribs: 20*30*1.5mm,
280g umbrella fabric,2year color fastness.

Bench Chairs, is a good partner in life, work and study, we will use it. Many types of chairs (such as office chairs, rocking chairs, chairs, etc.), the material is also different (such as mesh, plastic, solid wood, etc.). Among them, the wicker chair appeared very early, and followed the pace of the times in continuous improvement, its unique natural style conquered many consumers. So sunshine 365 furniture Xiaobian say cane chair leisure chair how to clean it?

        Cane chair is woven with plants, rattan chairs, rattan chair light and generous, rattan intricate intertwined, both the ancient style of Southeast Asia, but also modern fashion. Rattan chair can be placed indoors, it's natural wind, can bring you back to nature, especially in the city noisy, fast-paced people in the life, you can make your life more comfortable, at home can be in close contact with nature; vine Chair can also be placed outdoors, weaving the fine production process, co-garden design garden, it can be said is a poetic feeling. Well, such a beautiful wicker chair, a proper cane chair maintenance method is very necessary.

        Cane chair in the production process, superb, or even a manifestation of art. So, such a beautiful and natural atmosphere of the wicker chair, it can make it lasting bright, master a better cane chair maintenance method is king. Wicker chair maintenance can extend its life, but it has always been in your life, like the new, long-lasting charm. Down, we come from four aspects to understand in detail the knowledge of rattan chair maintenance.

        Wicker chair maintenance methods: Wicker chair maintenance clean. Mentioned above, cane chair handsome in appearance, hand-made artistry. However, it is still a long time there will be dirty, so the usual wicker chair maintenance, pay attention to cleaning problems. First of all, we can use some light salt wipe wicker chair, play a cured effect. For us, wicker chair gray is a cleaning problem, it does not matter, Shenzhen office furniture Xiaobian here for your Weaponry. We can use a soft, damp cloth to clean the wicker chair. If the dust between the wicker chairs can be cleaned with paint brush or vacuum cleaner, do not use cleanser or solvent to wipe the wicker chair. Never use clean water To clean, so as not to lose the flexibility and luster wicker chair. Finally, the maintenance of the rattan chair cleaning, make sure to remember that after wiping with a damp cloth, dry with a dry rag, because the rattan chair is equivalent to the wood easily damp, pay attention to the rattan chair maintenance.

        Wicker chair maintenance method two: Wicker chair maintenance to avoid direct sunlight or exposure to heat, fire. Wicker chair is equivalent to wood products, usually in use or storage, away from a source of heat, heat, so as not to be ignited, and not long placed in a direct sun cane rattan chair in order to avoid wicker chair deformation, cracking or It is loose situation. Cane chair maintenance to avoid direct sunlight is an objective problem that can not be ignored, because a long time direct sunlight will make the white wicker chair yellow, brown red bright cane chair partial fade, sunlight in the UV will make the wicker chair degeneration Crisp, reduce service life. May wish to use white curtains separated, both in direct sunlight, but also play a magnificent effect. Therefore, we should also pay attention to these problems in the maintenance of wicker chairs.








        Wicker chair maintenance methods three: Wicker chair maintenance ventilation. Cane chair cross section covered with fine catheter, so wicker chair to absorb some water, if these moisture to a certain extent, there will be soft, loose structure, flat sagging, prone to mildew. So, remember to clean the wicker chair last dry with a dry cloth. Secondly, wicker chair maintenance ventilation is also more critical, especially in the southern rainy season, wicker chair maintenance ventilation is particularly important. We clean the wicker chair, if you think dry with a damp cloth is very troublesome, you can also move the wicker chair to have a place to use hair style, avoid direct exposure to the sun is not direct exposure, because this can only play The opposite effect, resulting in deformation or even rupture.

        Wicker chair maintenance methods four: wicker chair maintenance moth-eaten. When the cane is found in the local moth-eaten signs, you can use pepper noodles or pepper noodles for maintenance of insects moth-eaten, but also no damage to the wicker chair. Cane chair maintenance moth-eaten, the specific method is half and two halves of salt and fry together, crushed, and then into the hole, and then wrapped with plastic sheeting or small plastic bag, make the smell no more vent. The same is true of the use of noodles. 24 hours later, untie the plastic sheet, wash the surface with boiling water locally, try to kill the residual borers. The last step of wicker chair maintenance moth-eaten, is to use a soft towel to dry, to prevent insect infestation.