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What should we pay attention to when customizing leisure chairs

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Update time : 2021-11-19 17:28:11
1. Budget price. The more the budget, the greater the range of options. When making the budget, it should be based on the overall planning and design. Firstly, it should meet the functions of leisure and the needs of beautifying the garden. Secondly, it should be allocated according to the overall budget. It doesn't have to be very expensive. It's just appropriate.

2.The park chair is used outdoors for a long time. The material shall be corrosion-resistant, sun proof, high-temperature and low-temperature resistant. The material and color shall be coordinated with the outdoor environment.

3. The size shall be determined. The size of the Park leisure chair shall be make a good choice in combination with the installation site, especially the tree chair and wall chair installed beside the flower bed or against the wall. The size of the installation site shall be measured accurately.

4. Accessories are also a problem that can not be ignored. They are used outdoors for a long time in order to be durable. So be sure to rust. To choose 304 stainless steel, rusty park chairs will make people lose their good mood.

5. When choosing manufacturers to customize Park leisure chairs. We should choose regular professional manufacturers. Manufacturers with design ability can confirm the style effect of park chairs through drawings and renderings before production, so as to reduce unnecessary trouble. Professional manufacturers not only provide better after-sales service, but also help you realize the design idea with rich experience and create a perfect Park leisure chair.

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