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Which plants should be planted in the flower box

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Update time : 2021-11-25 15:46:27
You can plant some sunflowers, chrysanthemums, meat and other plants. These plants are small and very suitable for planting in PVC flower boxes. With plastic as the main raw material, this material is made of recycled plastic, together with wood powder (or plant nodes such as wheat straw) and other auxiliary materials, which makes a great contribution to plastic recycling. The flower box made of this material is not rotten, no moth, more suitable for processing, and has gradually become a main substitute for wood. Protecting the limited forest resources on the earth is to protect the home on which human beings depend. As a new ecological landscape product, the application and promotion of imitation wood series garden landscape products is our practical action to protect the environment and cherish nature.

With reinforced concrete as the main raw material: it is made by adding other light bone materials. It has vivid color and texture; durable; Maintenance free; Anti theft and other advantages, very harmonious with the natural ecological environment. Wood like and stone like garden landscape products can not only meet the practical functions of garden greening facilities or outdoor leisure products, but also beautify the environment, which is deeply loved by users. With natural and lifelike performance, the flower box adds a strong artistic atmosphere to the cultural square, park and community.

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